The boot is undoubtedly the most “personal” tool in skiing, although it rarely fits perfectly on the wearer’s feet. This causes severe aches and pains that often prevent a smooth and comfortable skiing.

Our twenty years of experience has taught us that hardly a boot fits perfectly on the wearer’s foot.

This happens for various reasons: from a possible wrong or hasty purchase, to the particular shape of the foot, to a deformation of the foot over time, but also and above all because each foot is unique.

Sometimes these imperfections can be minimal and therefore bearable, more often the pain caused makes it impossible to ski with naturalness or prevents it completely. The only and most immediate solution seems to be the most expensive: to buy a new pair of boots.

Customizing a boot means intervening externally on the plastic hull or internally on the liner.

Each manufacturer markets an infinite series of footwear with a wide range of differences in hardness, padding, shape and volume.

Race Boot

They have reduced internal volume, to minimize weight and increase the response to foot movements.

Tourist boots

Ski boots where comfort is privileged with very padded shoes and larger volumes.

It should be noted that for some years, also the construction methods have changed, today BI-INJECTION is used more and more, which allows to melt two materials of different hardness in the hull structure.

It therefore allows to reinforce particularly different areas to increase the transfer of energy without compromising flexibility. It is currently a widely used technology in the construction of the legs, to increase lateral and torsional reinforcement and consequently stability and control.

The materials are generally polymers such as:

  • High density polyurethane – to obtain very rigid hulls and resistant to shocks and abrasions.
  • Polyether – Elastic polymer, light reactive and resilient with superior flex, fast reactivity and high elasticity
    Polytec Lite – The lightest polymer, ideal for the construction of junior or adult boots, where weight (and material and user) plays an important role