Because orthotics can improve both the performance and comfort of the skier.

First, a custom footbed has a shape that matches your foot shape, much like what remains on wet sand while walking on the beach. When the foot rests on a surface that corresponds to the shape of the sole of the foot, in particular soft tissues, such as muscles and tendons, are better supported.

Unlike in the presence of normal flat-bottomed factory insoles supplied with ski boots, the fabrics are under stress conditions and in particular during skiing due to the pressures that are created.

The advantage of the custom insole is that it exactly matches the shape of the foot, providing the best “support” for the foot when in action.

In addition to offering greater comfort thanks to better foot support, the footbed can significantly improve the skier’s performance by providing better stabilization of the foot inside the boot; helping to transfer the skier’s movements to the ski through the foot, and consequently to the footbed.

An insole offers stabilization of the foot and a neutral position inside the boot. This helps transmit the skier’s edge-to-edge movements while maintaining foot positioning within the flat hull.

Without a custom insole installed in the boot, the skier’s foot often moves too much inside the hull.

This can cause bony prominences, such as ankle bones or metatarsals, to move within the hull causing irritation or pain. Excessive movement of the foot inside a hull can lead to claw-like fingers trying to catch, fatiguing the foot and causing cramps in the arch.

Sometimes the instability of the foot caused by the lack of a footbed is erroneously interpreted as a too large boot problem, and usually the skier, trying to avoid the problem, can try to solve it by tightening the hooks. Excessive closure of the hooks, however, can distort the shape of the boot and lead to a restriction of the blood flow of the end, and this in turn can cause cold, insensitive feet, or cramps in general, the installation of orthotics will provide comfortable stability without having to close the hooks excessively.